The first step towards your drivers license starts here. Register as a pupil with us at Östra Trafikskolan and get started with your driving education!

You can register either via a visit to our reception during our opening hours, or by filling out the form below. Very soon you will be underway to start booking your first lesson with us!

Do you want to book the introduction course to drive at home with a private supervisor? Please click here to be redirected!

How to get started

To be able to start booking lessons you need to have a valid learner’s permit (körkortstillstånd). We are able to fetch that information from Trafikverket’s page, but if you are aware that you lack a valid permit you’ll need to apply for that before registering with us. The application is in two parts; you need to visit an optician to do an eye-test specifically for the learner’s permit and you need to fill out an online application that can be found here.

Registration with us is totally free of charge and apart from following our terms and conditions, you have no other obligations towards us!

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Terms and conditions

Östra Trafikskolan is GDPR compliant. Always let us know if the info we have on you is incorrect or if your address or other personal information changes. You have to bring a valid photo identification when participating in driving lessons, classes and courses.

Welcome as a student at Östra Trafikskolan!

For our business to work as intended we have certain terms and conditions that needs to be followed. For a student of age (18 and above) all of the communication will be between the student and Östra Trafikskolan, no matter if someone else has paid for the tuition or not. If the student is below age (under 18) communication will be between the student and their guardian as one party and Östra Trafikskolan until the day the student reaches the age of 18, where the guardian will no longer count as a party.

Purchase, date of expiry and payment

Payment is always to be made before the lesson starts. For some of our products and services we offer one month’s (30 days) right to withdraw – if you want to make sure what products are eligible for open purchase please ask before buying as to avoid misunderstandings.

All of our driving lessons, classes and courses are valid for use for one year (365 days) after purchase before they expire. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that they use their pre-purchased lessons before the year has passed – if uncertain, you are always welcome to contact the reception to learn the date of expiry. After the date of expiry the lessons/courses will count as expired and as such they are deducted from your balance; they will no longer be eligible for use as payment for any coming lessons/courses.

Lessons/courses/services bought are for personal use and cannot be transferred to another student.

Any student that follows through on their education and book their tests with us (using our car) will be eligible for a payback of any driving lessons still available in their balance when they pass their driver’s test, as long as this does not counter the ”within a year of purchase” rule stated above. If you choose to take a private driver’s test instead your remaining balance (if eligible) will count as expired.

Our prices may subject to change, but if any changes or raises are to be made we will inform about this beforehand. This information will be available on our webpage, our Facebook page and at the reception.

If you fail to pay for your lesson this may mean added charges, for example reminder fees and similar.

Rules regarding bookings

Primarily the student will book their driving lessons on their own, via our booking system Elevcentralen.se that you will gain access to when registering with us. Access to the booking system is free of charge – if you want to have access to the theory studies at Elevcentralen this is available for purchase via our ”Teoripaket”. The exception to this is for students booking intensive courses, where the reception will handle the booking for you and provide you with a schedule to follow. If you need help with booking lessons you are always welcome to contact the reception and we will help you try to find available lessons to book. The reception can be contacted via e-mail or phone (see details below), or by visiting the school during our opening hours.

Our booking system shows the current week and the three coming weeks. The fourth week available for booking is always released at midnight between Sunday and Monday (00:00:01 Monday morning). Even though our aim is to always find a solution that suits our students we cannot guarantee that you will always be able to get the requested time slots, as Östra Trafikskolan may have ups and downs when it comes to how strained the booking system may be. Again, talk to the reception if you have certain requests regarding time slots and we will try to help you find availabilities. Our ambition is to meet the needs of every customer.

If you need to cancel a booked lesson you have until 1PM on the day before your lesson to do so free of charge. After 1 PM you will risk being charged due to late cancellation, unless you have a doctor’s note to prove that you were not able to drive. 

If you have an intensive course booked and want to cancel it, this needs to be done at the latest one week (7 days) before the course starts, otherwise you may be charged 10% of the cost for the intensive course.


We do not offer theory lessons, Risk 1, Risk 2 or Introduktionsutbildning/Handledarkurs in English, only in Swedish. For driving lessons English is an option; All of our teachers speak English, just let them know at the start of the lessons and they will adapt.